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    Car Accidents and Your Choices for the Legal Steps

    You had an accident and you were hit by a car. You have bodily injury and other damage. You have probably been taken to the hospital immediately for a check-up or treatment, or you still have to go to the doctor. What now? How do you get full compensation for your damage? How much compensation are you entitled to? What needs to be arranged and by whom? Lawyers with the best skills are there for the task.

    Calculate Damages

    Hit by car, pay attention to the following:

    • First of all, of course: make sure everyone is safe
    • Request the name and address details of the counterparty, make sure that all details are known to you
    • Request name and address of witnesses
    • Fill in the damage collision form (SAF) that every motorist must have with him
    • Before signing this form: read it carefully for errors
    • Injured (complaints, injuries, and fractures)?

    Tips For Personal Injury

    It is important that if you have been hit by a car on foot or by bicycle, you are always entitled to compensation if there is no force majeure. Find the best car accident lawyer for that.

    If you were in the car, on the motorcycle, scooter moped or in another motor vehicle, the party claiming damages will have to prove that the other person is guilty.

    Hit by a car? In case of injury, our lawyers can assist you free of charge and claim your compensation. Read more on our compensation page after the collision. Get the best service from the law firm now.

    Hit By Car And Injury, Now What?

    When you have completed the claim form, you will probably start thinking about appropriate compensation. If you have suffered damage as a result of the collision, you will have to recover this damage from the other party. In most cases this is the insurer of the liable motorist. There are law firms you can take help from.

    It is good to know that your health insurer charges costs for, among other things, a check-up on first aid. After a few weeks you will receive a bill for this. Do not forget to reclaim these costs. Therefore, submit your claim in good time to the other party or have our lawyers prepare it for you, completely free of charge. What should you do if you are injured or experience complaints? First of all, make an appointment with a doctor. Your health is most important. This doctor can advise you the right treatment for your complaints. Find the best truck accident attorney for such cases.


    In addition, he can establish that the complaints are indeed the result of the accident.  A causal link must be demonstrated: a link between the complaints you have and the occurrence of the accident.

    An insurer will doubt whether your complaints were caused by the accident if you do not go to a doctor within one week. Report all your complaints and your limitations as a result of these complaints to your doctor. The attorneys can be the best options.

    The Insurer Wants To See Evidence Of The Injury

    If the insurer wants to see proof of your injury, you can request the medical file from your GP. It contains information about your medical condition and whether the injury is actually the result of the collision. This prevents a legal discussion with the insurer. Taking legal help is the best option here.

    Hit By Car: Calculate Your Damage

    To make a full damage calculation, you need to keep track of all costs incurred by the accident. All these costs must be reimbursed by the other party.

    • Keep track of all the kilometers you drive to the doctors, hospital, pharmacy, etc.
    • Record who helps you and how many hours they spend doing this (think of household chores, gardening, walking the dog, bringing the children to school, etc.)
    • Keep all receipts for purchases you made following the accident.

    You are also entitled to an amount of grief: compensation for the suffering you have suffered. Have the personal options present here.

    Hit By Car, Who Can Help Me?

    In the country, victims of personal injury claims are entitled to free legal assistance. Legal specialists such as Pittsburgh Injury Lawyers P.C. can claim their hours from the insurer of the other party. Do not partner with an office that offers you a no-cure-no-pay construction. The costs for claiming your damage due to a traffic accident are always paid by the insurer of the liable party. Find the best legal service here.

    I Have Been Hit By A Car, What Should I Do First?

    First, go to the doctor or first aid as soon as possible. Ask the doctor to fully register your complaints. This is important for claiming your compensation. Then immediately fill in the claim form and send it to the motorist’s insurer as soon as possible.

    Then hold the driver of the car liable for all damage suffered and to be suffered. You do not have to calculate your damage extensively at this stage. Send the letter by registered mail. From this moment on, it is best to get legal assistance as soon as possible, even before you receive a call from the insurer. You can search to be the best lawyers near me.

    If you have injuries physical or psychological complaints, injuries, lawyers will help you recover the damage free of charge. You will receive a statement from us that our help will not cost you anything.

    The Insurer Refuses To Fully Compensate My Damage, What Now?

    Do not sign, do not agree to anything. Leave the legal discussion to a lawyer. Your legal aid provider will process your file and investigate the liability of the motorist. If it turns out that the car is to blame, you are entitled to compensation. If the motorist or his insurer refuses to recognize liability, litigation is an option. After all, you did not ask for the collision.

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